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Hi everyone welcome back to this new article. in this article, we will see all about Ration Card such as how to apply for a Ration card, How to Check Ration card Status, & How to Download a Ration Card. We will see step by step.

How to Apply for a Ration Card?

The first thing is before downloading the ration card we need to apply ration card. where we can apply for a ration card and what are documents required to apply, all the things we will see. first, we see what documents we require we need an aadhaar card, Income, and Caste Certificate, and we need to visit Grama One, Karnataka One, or Bengaluru One, to apply ration card online.

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How to Check the Status of the Ration Card?

We applied for the ration card by visiting Bengaluru One, Karnataka One, or Grama One center and we got an acknowledgment number then we needed to check the status of the applied ration card using the acknowledgment number. Below are the steps to check the ration card status online in Karnataka.

Open the Official website of Ration Card. (

Ration Card

Click the “E services” Option on the menu then click “e status” After clicking the e status click “Amendment Request Status” and the new window will open.

Then select the district on your ration card and click on it.

after that click “Ration Card Amendment Request Status” on the left side menu.

Then check your ration card status giving the necessary details.

How to Download a Ration Card?

We have reached the final step which is how to download the ration card online. I have many platforms to download ration cards online. I will explain some of the platforms to download. You need a ration card number to download the ration card online. we have an acknowledgment number only where we can find the ration card number. We can find the ration card number when we check the status of application there we can find the number. Now we will see how to download.

Go to and search “Ruraleservices” You will find the first result click on that 1st link the website will open.

Click on the register button on the top right side. Because we need to register this website. Giving the necessary information register to the website and log in.

The Executive will contact you to activate your account. after activating login to the website using username and password.

After Login, the new window will open on that window left side you will find “Ration Card” Click on that then Click “Add RC” the another window will open.

In that window, you will find districts and select your district to download the ration card. after selecting the district fill in the ration card number on the next window.

Fill in the Ration Card number and click on the “Submit” Button. After that, the ration card family members list will open select one person to get OTP. Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number then click the generate button the ration card will generate and be ready to print. Before we generate the ration card we need to pay some amount for the department. You need to recharge your wallet showing on the menu add 100RS and generate the Ration Card.

After generating the Ration Card Download the card by clicking on the print button. Then take the color print of the Ration Card and Laminate it.


Q1. Can we download the ration card on mobile?

Ans: Yes, you can download the ration card to your mobile following the above steps.

Q2. Can we download the ration card for free?

Ans: No. You can’t download the ration for free.

By Raju K

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