How to Close Flipkart Pay Later Account

If you are an existing Flipkart buyer who has opted Flipkart Pay Later Option, you are looking for how to close Flipkart Pay Later Account. This is the best option for people who pay monthly basis for their shopping and to avoid transactions every time from Flipkart.

This option is available for only eligible customers only. If this option is not using you need to check eligibility by visiting your Flipkart profile. In this blog post, we will tell you how to deactivate Flipkart Pay Later Account.

How to Close Flipkart Pay Later Account Permanently

There are many more reasons to close Flipkart pay later account, including the CIBIL score. And not able to pay monthly due to excessive shopping. People are searching for the Flipkart pay later deactivate option.

1. Open Your Flipkart Account

First, you need to open Flipkart and log in to your account using your email/phone number and the password you used to create it.

2. Go to the Flipkart Help Center

after logging in open the Flipkart helpcenter. In the upper right corner, you will find that icon all about you.

3. Find the ‘Callback’ or ‘Chat’ Option

This step is an important step for how to close pay later in Flipkart. On the help center page you can find “I want help with other issues”. Click on that and go to “Others” which you will see at the bottom of the page. Now click on that in the drop-down. You will find callback / chat option.

4. Request a Call Back

Request a callback and you will receive a call from a Flipkart customer care person within 10 minutes. Ask them to help to close the Flipkart Pay Later account. And make sure to close it permanently instead of deactivating it temporarily.

5. Account Closure and Timeline

After that call your Flipkart Pay Later account will be process of closing over the next month. And it will show your CIBIL report within 2 – months.

How to Close Flipkart Pay Later Account

Try Contacting the RBI Ombudsman

The RBI ombudsman is there to address complaints related to financial services and also the Flipkart Pay Later account. You can also raise a complaint explaining the situation and the steps you have followed.

Before Closing Flipkart Pay Later Account This Things to Remember

  • First clear the outstanding dues before closing your Flipkart Pay Later account.
  • After requesting account closure, you will receive NOC from your Flipkart Pay Later lending provider within 2-3 weeks.
  • Keep in mind that closing your Flipkart Pay Later account is irreversible.

Closing your Flipkart Pay Later account might seem like a small step, but it’s a decision that comes with an important consideration.

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